Friday, March 19, 2010

All Eyes on Her.

hello!! okay, this is gonna be my last post. I'm gonna go back on hiatus, so I'm just here to drop off results from looks i made at looklet.
check it out and click here and here or to browse for more from my looks, click here and be sure to like me! :D and oh,new model! her name is Roxanne Foxtrot. haha

P.S. yesterday i was watching Fashion TV and was stunned and had my jaws drop from seeing Christian Dior Fall 2010. it was so sexy, boyish and dramatic, sweet yet fierce oh i dunno. it was... WOW. for more details check them out

Tamara Alasdair.


Fashion Chalet said...

LOVE the socks in the 1st and her hair!



yang kedua keren deh tapi mukanya rada2 horor

Rand said...

LOVE this!!!:)
everything is wicked


Silmi Sabila said...

Great looks!

Anonymous said...

LOVING the editorial shots
loving your blog!
thanks for sharing as always darling!


Hi Miss Alice said...

i love 1st.
the skirt is fab!

ye55i said...

Hey... long time no see.. love the second one. can't wait to see your new post soon! =)

Anonymous said...

fab looks! xo
comment my latest post tam :D

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