Saturday, March 27, 2010

Breaking the Rule.

Whoooooooooopsieee I'm breaking my rule. hehe okay I'm just here to say, I am joining in kak Marla Singer's Giveaway. (click here for more)
I'm picking this one! Wild Rose
and secondly, do not forget to turn off your electricity for only one hour TODAY. for Indonesian citizens, turn off you electricity on 20.30 until 21.30! lets save the earth and participate! click here for more informationaand new look! yippieee her name is... hm. i havent decided yet. any ideas?click here and here likes me sweeties!! :D and this one look is pretty much inspired by Chloe's Fall/Spring 2010 collection. you could see my previous post for further info. ;P

WISH ME WISH ME LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LUCK. Please, i beg you readers with all of my heart and soul. please pray and keep your fingers crossed for me. On Monday, I will be having one of the hardest days of my life which is the national exam. and please pray for my luck, and I will too.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

All Eyes on Her.

hello!! okay, this is gonna be my last post. I'm gonna go back on hiatus, so I'm just here to drop off results from looks i made at looklet.
check it out and click here and here or to browse for more from my looks, click here and be sure to like me! :D and oh,new model! her name is Roxanne Foxtrot. haha

P.S. yesterday i was watching Fashion TV and was stunned and had my jaws drop from seeing Christian Dior Fall 2010. it was so sexy, boyish and dramatic, sweet yet fierce oh i dunno. it was... WOW. for more details check them out

Tamara Alasdair.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Back From The Dead.

Hello!! Gosh I miss you guys!! I reaally want to post some pics of me, but i havent been into a lot of dress-ups lately. so.. D: but, here are some crush updates! these are just pure genius!

and here are the nominees!!
AF VandevorstCelineChloe
Giambattista ValliNina RicciKenzoAND BEHOLD THE WINNER IS *drumrolls* >>>
for its to-die-for shoe collection.courtesy of:

okay show's over!! see ya next time! (and sorry for the heavy-weight pics)

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