Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dropping Off.

hey im just gonna drop off some pics from my holiday. this is just some leftovers so hope youll enjoy it.and this is what i got during my holiday. bought it at my favorite thrift shop.

1) a black old navy shoes.

2) and also a horse-riding hat. reaally cool!

P.S. sorry for the short hiatus. im really busy (srsly) cause from now on sunday is the only day im free. monday to saturday are so full of courses and all. but i'll try to keep up okay! :D


winkawinkel said...

hi tamara! the shoes and the horse-riding hat is totally cool! Where dya get it? At some thrift store, are ya sure? Cause it's beyond awesome to found those at some thrift store.. Haha..

Anyway, I linked ya on my online store and hope you don't mind.. :D

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