Wednesday, January 6, 2010


New Looklet looks!! Yaaay! :D
whoops! new model aleert!! her name is Gavi Kurkynston. Noticed her last name? "Kurky"nston. Kurky as in Quirky. hehe. for more larger view click here


ye55i said...

Hei.. I've already linked your blog! thanks anyway dear... =)

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

i've replied ur comment on my post. check it ;)

Eleh said...

ive linked you sweets :D

Intan Alasdair said...

aku suka yang kedua beb. tapi coba bekgraunnya bukan itu deh biar lebih kontrast. :)

@ye55i yessi shes my sister u knoww!!! :)

Exalandra said...

Hey Intan's baby sis ;)

Kunjungan perdana nih. Love the first look! :)

ye55i said...

@ intan : iya tan.. nama blakangnya sama.. ahahahhaa.. your sis is fab! =)

CorCor said...

Looklet is my FAVORITE!!!!



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