Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black and Red All The Same.


wow! how long have I havent been posting any posts? 4 days? sorry hehe. Ive been busy with my school and all. and now me and my 2 other friends, Vidya and Ninis are busy with our upcoming national Junior High School contest. Gosh oh Gosh Im scared to death. But lets skip and start the show!!

first of all, I wanted to tell you My mom bought this super cute sequined blue flats. I wore it to school today haha.

second of all, My mom also bought me this superb Frill LBD!! its so awesome. too bad the lighting in my room wasnt cooperating at all with me from this photoshoot. but oh well.

i just love the little details that makes the dress pretty. :D

Black Jacket (sis), black leather ankle boots (mom's), frilled LBD retail therapy, Panelli red bag (singapore)

By the way, have you noticed the change of my hair? yes, I did changed my hair look. it used to be a plain old bob, but now its a messy bob! I like it very much thank you. :D

P.S. Im loving the color red and black. so dont be mad if you see the same color all over again from my next posts. :P and also, Im a wear-it-over-again type of person. I wore the same clothes everyday. just with a change of jeans, or bags, or tops, or even shoes. haha I dont caare.

Little Fact about me:

Im not a popular girl in my school. so not much people know about my passion for fashion. I dont like being to flashy. I prefer being a normal average teenager.

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Anonymous said...

like the dress! wait, u cut ur hair?

Tamara Alasdair said...

uh-huh! I like it now than ever! :D

M. said...

that dress is so adorable!

lovelove, M.

Vina Sagita said...

i love love your shoes!!

Nicha said...

Interesting shoes. But it's not a pair everyone can rock, that's for sure.


loving it. All black is my fave thing....

ariyani sukma said...

hai cute girl :)
love ur boot, and u have awesome blog
you look so stunning
please check my blog

smooches from arin,
strawberry and banana pancake

ye55i said...

I love your blue shoes.. so cute! and the black dress is so edgy too. ^^

djhanq said...

uber kewl shoes, and dress :)

hit me back :)
tattoo freak

Eva Internazionale said...

I can't believe you're only 13! It's good that you started a blog so early.

Tamara Alasdair said...

hey thx for all your comments! :D I'll keep in track of them every now and then so keep those pretty comments comin! ;D Cheers!!

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