Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pictures From a Thousand Different Angles


so, this is the picture i wanted to show you about me wearing my grandma's vintage shoe. so here it is!

took these photos from different kinds of angles in my room. :P

purple knitted short sleeve cardigan, Bossini pink t-shirt, thrifted sky blue shorts, granma's black ankle shoes

and these 2 are just random pics I took at my room.

aand my room is clean now! just finished tidying up yesterday. phew! take a look how much different it looks now

okay, this one is still messed up. cause the shoe piles? they got nowhere to go. so they ended up piling up in that corner. and yes, me and my sister use them all.

old photo's!! :D
me at new york:

i bet you can guess which one is me. this was token when it was the 6th graders graduation and this is me at my class. which is class 203. so, i was a second grader back then.and this was just after my oldest sister intan, got her school certificate (i think).
and this is a rip-off from my journal when i was still a second grader. GOSH THE GRAMMER AND THE FREAKING BAD WRITING.err. this too? haha
again, this is a photo of me when i was still a second grader. i was doing a science project for the science fair. it was already putted in a frame, so it was hard to get a nice picture of it. and yet, this is the best one.
this is my house. it was on the corner of the block on continental ave. 99-09 forest hills, Queens, New York. the little one is me by the way. and also, my house here in jakarta is a replicate of this house. so you can imagine how my house looks like.this is the new york photo frames. there is one more section of new york photo frames in my house, but i guess it didnt turn out good.aww. so cute! haha
and look at this! i made it myself on my time being a first grader when it was arts and crafts class. wow. look at my masterpiece! take a look how "structured" it is.

enough of the new york pics! the next one would be pics at Indonesiaaa:

gosh. what is with my smile? haha aaa!! bunny tooth
at my previous house at jakarta. the one in the pink pajamas is me. thats my sisters. look how dorky they look! hahaand this one is at my favorite garden's hotel at Bandung.
baby me! hehe so cute! i used to have a curly spiral-like hair. but when my dad cuts my hair to a bob, it went straight. now, its starting to curl up again.

so, what do you think? Oh, i miss the old times. thats all for now! long post, huh?

Adios Amigos!


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