Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Turned Out To Be Nothing. ):


i'm quite disappointed of what im trying to do like i siad a few posts before. I was joining a giveaway contest. and yet, i havent sent or made a single creation to her. I was hoping that i could finish the project about like in 2 weeks or so. but as you all should know, or may have known that im in my last year of JHS. and its been a very busy and hectic year. lots and lots have been going on. my final exam are coming up in 2 months which means i have to study a lot. and i recently had my exam like a week ago.

Since its holiday already, im gonna post as many as i can! :D plus the fact that i already have my own notebook laptop now!

Some pics I took:
1)a few from a bunch of things i got at secret accesories place :P

its a brooch but you could wear it as a necklace too.

the color is purple by the way

2) new shoes! yaaay!
it was my grandma's shoe when she was still a teenager. she gave it to me when i visited her house on idul fitri. forgot to post about it. hehe :D the sole needs to be repaired though. and yeah, i already wore it. I'll post it on some other post okaaay~

thats it for now! byeeee

sweetest regards,


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