Sunday, December 13, 2009

C is Craziness!

hey heeey im baaaaaaaack~ this would be my second post today!

okay. straight to the topic. I forgot when this happened exactly.

Me and my Sister was hanging out at PIM. first we went to gramedia (a book store)

and surprisingly, she found this kid's book:
it says: I didnt fart!

then we had dinner at Pizza Hut then went straight to Zara. and here is when our craziness began. we took all the clothes we liked and wanted then we went to the fitting room.

there was a bunch of clothes that i tried on. but this was my favorite. And shockingly, I got this at Zara Kids! but still, the price was overly to expensive, and we didnt bring as much as we hoped we could buy. so we came out bringing out nothing! it was worth the fun though :D

the things i was totally in love with:
black tiered studded dress.
sequined black blazer

I'm planning to make my own sequined black blazer once my sis got her sewing machine. so cross your fingers!

Well, i think that would be all, wait for my next post, and byeeee:D


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