Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ramblings etc.

ive been thinking lately about my blog. my blog isnt a fashion blog cause i put my ramblings, and stories and etc. but it isnt either a diary blog which you put up your sad stories or anything like that. so what is my blog anyways? what type of blog do i own? questions i cant answer. hmm. ;P

also, ive been thinking of reaally gonna just use english in my blog. the reason? i dunno. recently if you look up on my previous posts, i prefer using english more than indonesian. another thing i cant answer.

and one more thing! so, my dad won this like gift from a bank. which is a laptop! considering that i dont own any, my dad agreed to give the laptop to me if that laptop is not as better as his laptop right now. and if it is, my sis would own it. but then her previous laptop would be mine! yippie! i dont mind any type of laptop criteria i need. as long as its free, then i would LOVE to accept it. :D :D :D the laptop will arrive on december. CANT WAIT!! :D :D



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