Tuesday, November 10, 2009


holaaaaaa~~ :D :D
warm greetings for you all!

its been quite awhile rite? im such a bad bad blogger for not updating my blog for like a week or so. well everybody have their reasons and i have too! things have been going on pretty crazy at school nor home. theres like a bunch of homeworks and courses i need to attend. so theres pretty much not a lot of time to hang out on my sis's laptop (yup. i dont have a laptop) and stare at the monitor while editing and uploading pics also visiting my twitter and facebook. yea i have to study hard cause im already at my last year of JHS.

since im having some free time, im gonna update a long update! full of pics of course! :D :D

my mom and my sis went to this distro bazaar and bought a bunch of clothes. so heres what i got:

reaally cool purple loafers!
brown assymetrical cardigan hoodie.
specific look

and recently me and my family went to bandung! went to my favorite thrift/secondhand shop there. and i got...
its still dirty. ;P
a plain greenish blue shirt. classic. bought @ rumah mode

also, my room's being renovated! its pretty much done. but my stuffs and my sis's stuffs (we share rooms) are still messy. so take a look at the chaos going on in my room!
yup. pretty much wrecked up rite? haha.

now its time for my random ramblings!

i hate people that wear hot pants to school on saturday for BTA. Hello? dont they know that school is a learning institute? thats so not appropriate people! at least wear some thing neater. yea. they wear plain white tee's and we could almost see their (sorry) bra. youre in school! hot pants and and plain white almost-see-thru tees? yea rite.

and people that wear fashionable clothes. i do think its alright to wear them. but the thing is, their wearing mini clothes. TO SCHOOL. its so unappropriate! you should be ashamed people. heres my suggestion. wear printed tee's with jackets and jeans. safe yet neat. or you could wear blouses or button up printed shirts like i wear to School for BTA courses on saturday and match them with a pair of jeans and a pair of cute loafers. or flats.

well thats it for today!



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