Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red Slippers.

Im baaaaaaaaack! how are you doin todaay?

so today im gonna show you some pics from my last dress-up and my project. im lovin oversized shirts and blouses and that sort of things. dunno know why. they are so easy to combine. simple yet I like it. Heres some Pics! hope you like it.I was helping cleaning up my moms closet when i found this vintage violin shirt. it was my dads, but now its my property. ;D
i blurred up my face cause my face looks weird there. and please dont mind the red slippers! i was lazy enough to search my closet for shoes and stuffs. o yea. i rolled up those sleeves cause it was so freakin long. and the size of the shirt was so big. so i covered it up with a small belt. (lots of 'so' dont ya' think?)as you can see (or not), the back looks more longer than the front. just like a pianist tux! one of a bunch of reasons why like this shirt. Ps. Weird pose i got there.
front look.

what do you think about it. huh? huh? and for my project! Woo-hoo! my sister's birthday was about a month ago. and i havent gave her a present. I promised her to make a doll. so here it is! <3>
well, its still unfinished. as you can see, its still bald, the dress shes wearing is not finished, and its not stuffed yet. I desperately in need of a black flanel for the hair! i only made a small doll for her cause im (again) lazy enough to make a bigger one. but the doll looks neat right?? and its all ready sewed! :D :D

Things you need to make a doll.

- different colors Flanel (prepare some colored flanel with different colors just in case you need them. fyi, flanel is a type of fabric. its made of wool)
- scissors
- pencil
- glue
- dakron (stuffings for dolls and pillows)
- paper (doll design)
- rulers
- sewing needles and lots of threads with different colors (just in case)
- pin-up needles

tips: you should draw your doll design first before you cut out the flanel to avoid mistakes on making the doll. also you should count out the size of the doll parts specifically so it would fit perfect.

random facts:

1. i prefer tights than leggings.
2. i usually buy fabrics at Pasar Mayestik.
3. i love hairbands. the bow type exactly. i have a ton of it in my room.
4. i like sewing. i like making dolls. if i dont have any flanels, i usually use used up fabrics (kain perca). but its better to use flanel!

so thats it! i'll post some updates later okay? love youuuuu. bubu!

R.A. Tamara R.F.I.


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