Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Girl in The Red Skirt - Debute!

at my last post i forgot to say its been a long time i last updated my blog. god i miss you *hugs the monitor). things have been goin crazy. im in my last year of JHS so i have been spending my time on courses and all. also, last week was mid semester! and some subjects was hard and some was easy. today is sunday, and i dont wanna miss this chance!

i have one new look! its been quite awhile since i last visited looklet so 2 days ago, i played awhile there. i just made 1 look. it was already midnight (00.00 past) and i was getting tired. not sleepy people, just tired. and all my friends that was still online on twitter was beginning to offline. check my tweets, youll understand.
it took me a while to finish this. Im lovin it! this pic is not so clear though. sorry!


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