Friday, September 11, 2009

Things to Catch Up


its been a long time since a last updated this blog. -___-

just a reaaaaaaally quick update should be fine right?
I desperately need a new pair of jeans. i want to experiment it. i want (that awesome) tye dyed jeans! QUICK! uuugh.

o yea. heres some pics of my new blue pointy high waist skirt i told you about on the last post.
*sorry for the extremely blurred pics*
really cute! mini ice creams yum!

top: GAP long sleeve mini ice cream shirt
skirt: Mitchybelle blue high waist pointy edges
bag: red bag some garage sale at lamandau (or somethin like that. i forgot. :))
shoes: retail therapy ankle boots

and then, my mom bought me a hoodie! :) smiles.
and i totally won't forget this awesomely cool assymetrical multifuction long cardigan!
instead of just leaving the bottom like the picture above, you could tie it up! oh i am so in love with it!

oh! i also got new red satin with black laces flats from retail therapy when i was at ladies bazaar at citos. i really should hold back myself from buying things. but you know girls/women they feel SO happy when they shop stuffs. its really kinda like a GUILTY PLEASURE to me/us.

cheers! :),
tamara alasdair


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