Thursday, August 27, 2009


i am baaaaaaaack!!!!

hello hello!! :) smiles for you and you and to you too!! sooooooooo, on tuesday me and mom and mba farra went to PIM to buy some presents for mba intan's birthday. i wanted to drop by Gramedia to buy some books. unfortunately, its all sold out :(. but its okay! then, i went to metro. loads of fun!! big smile on my face people! BIG SMILE. lalalalalaaaaa~~

mba farra got really cool grey flats, mba intan got the grey flats too! and me?? *smirk*

i got a pair of REAAAALLY CUTE PINK YONGKI KOMALADI FLATS!! lovin' it so much!! :)
i'll upload the pics later on.

alsooooooo, we went to amante! bought a whole bunch of shoes! SALE SALE SALE AMANTE!! it was so cheap! i got a pair of dark blue mettalic rat-like flats! so cute. i even wore it to school. we bought a lot of it so we could wear them (the flats i mean) together.

i am soo happy! happy happy me!!

oh yea selamat berbuka puasaaaaa~~~ :)


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