Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looks and Addiction.

More looks to come! :D i really love this website! it makes you feel really happy once you finish a look. it seems that i'm kinda addicted to create more looks!

speaking of addicted, i gotta confess that i'm addicted to Facebook. :'( a day without opening facebook, it feels like that somethings missing. then when i open my facebook, i feel relieved, and the missing feeling that i told you before just vanished. although i know, that there will be no notification and all, i still open my Facebook! this type of addiction i'm having is draining all of my phone credits. then i started to open my facebook with my mom's phone just because my phone credits is all out!

i read in a couple of magazines that Facebook makes you addicted. i didn't really trust the article, but then I got really ADDICTED to Facebook. its not facebook's fault though! I tried to hold myself for opening facebook, but i couldn't! I started opening facebook again. now i'm
trying to get my hands off from opening facebook again. i hope my plan will go well. -_-,

P.S: please help me from being more and more addicted to facebook than now!



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