Monday, August 17, 2009

DIY Project!

hello people of earth!

i have a whole bunch of unused fabric supplies. just in case i use them. lately i've been thinking of making somethings out of the 'whole bunch of unused fabric'. and i finally decided to make belts! i make them (DIY Belts) all by my myself of course! here's some pics!
the piles of unused fabric suppliesblack stretchy beltblack stretchy belt's friends
wait until my project is done will you?

and... i have another project to come! i'm going to redo my purple skinny jeans into a really cool purple bleached skinny jeans! hope it'll come out well! cross your fingers for luck everybody!!
in this picture, my purple skinny jeans looks like blue skinny jeans right?

i'm so sorry for the blurred pictures!

see ya next post!


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