Sunday, August 30, 2009

hot on the block.


apa kabar duniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? :) :)


this is how it all started:
a long time ago (seriously) mba farra bought the skirt at mitchybelle. sadly, she didn't wear it. then, today. she was gonna wear it to some event. buuuuuuuuut, the skirt was too short for her to wear.

and that's how i got (her) my brand new (not brand new, i guess) high waist skirt! yaay me! it has a really cool color (blue and a bit green-ish). and it has buttons on front of it. also too spice it a bit more, it has like sharpy details on the bottom. don't understand? hahah. even i don't understand what i'm saying. i'll upload the pics some other day, okay?

about the rat-like flats i told you, next time i'll upload it! PINKY SWEAR!

o yea. i took some pics of the yongki komaladi flats ya' know!
what do ya think? the color is supposed to be pastel peach, but i think it's because of the flash from the camera that made it look like its baby pink or somethin'.

also, i've been browsing the internet looking for online shops. and from a whole bunch (of online shops, i mean), i fell in love with this one. really cool collection! i'm actually thinking of buying some (but as you can see, my wallet is SO empty). here's some of my favorite collection:
really cool! i'm thinking of making my self some boxy! i've already thought a design for my (soon to-be) boxy!

i'll melt if i look at this legging to much. i heart acid wash things.

fyi, is an indonesian online shop! i'm sooooooo proud.

teruuuuuuus (capek kelamaan nulis b. inggris. temen gue juga bilang kalo dia rada males kalo b. inggris. hahaha sabar ya naaaaaaaak.) tau kan diy project gue yg bleached purple jeans? hahah. gue SAMA SEKALI BELOM NGERJAIN PROJECT ITU DOONG! *bangga gitu* hahahahaks. SUMPAH MALES BANGET. jadi gini nih jadinya. gue tuh seriiiiiiiiing banget punya project, tapi akhirnya terlantar. trus trus yg diy belt? insyaallah gue lanjutin! *udah hampir jadi, nunggu nyokap gue mau jaitin nih! fuh.*

yaudah deh! sampe segini dulu.


tamara alasdair

Thursday, August 27, 2009


i am baaaaaaaack!!!!

hello hello!! :) smiles for you and you and to you too!! sooooooooo, on tuesday me and mom and mba farra went to PIM to buy some presents for mba intan's birthday. i wanted to drop by Gramedia to buy some books. unfortunately, its all sold out :(. but its okay! then, i went to metro. loads of fun!! big smile on my face people! BIG SMILE. lalalalalaaaaa~~

mba farra got really cool grey flats, mba intan got the grey flats too! and me?? *smirk*

i got a pair of REAAAALLY CUTE PINK YONGKI KOMALADI FLATS!! lovin' it so much!! :)
i'll upload the pics later on.

alsooooooo, we went to amante! bought a whole bunch of shoes! SALE SALE SALE AMANTE!! it was so cheap! i got a pair of dark blue mettalic rat-like flats! so cute. i even wore it to school. we bought a lot of it so we could wear them (the flats i mean) together.

i am soo happy! happy happy me!!

oh yea selamat berbuka puasaaaaa~~~ :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

live your life.


first i want to tell you how much furious i am because my modem can't turn on! just so you know i usually use speedy, but because of my freaking modem, i use telkomnet instan. aaaaaargh! the internet is working so slow! I can barely open my facebook page! it keeps on loading! i should get my modem repaired quickly. or, i should buy a new one.

second of all, i am working on a new story! yaaaaay!! the kinds of stories i usually make, needs lots of chapters. so i'm not really looking forward to transform it into sheets of paper so you all can read it. but, this story.. it s not very long! i even already prepared a plot for it! heheheh... hope i'm not too lazy to type it all out!

balik ke topiiiiiiiik...

kenapa judulnya just live your life?? karnaaaaa tau tau gue kepikiran lagu itu. hahah. eh eh jadi mikirin cita" gitu gue. jadi gue akhirnya berniat untuk mengulas (?) topik yang sedikit serius kali ini. hem.

kalo gue ditanya tujuan hidup gue? gue pasti bakal jawab:

1. masuk surga.
2. membahagiakan orang tua.
3. mewujudkan cita" dan impian. dan kalo bisa mencantumkan nama gue dibuku sejarah.
4. membantu orang yang sedang mebutuhkan pertolongan hingga akhir hayat gue.

beberapa orang pernah nanya ke gue. kenapa lo mau jadi dokter?
gue seneng banget kalo membantu orang. gue mau menolong orang. makanya gue mau mendirikan sebuah rumah sakit. emang, kalo mau membantu orang gak cuma dokter yang bisa. tapi dari awal cita" gue jadi dokter.

kadang gue merasa hidup gue gak adil. tapi gak lama ini gue nyadar. hidup itu emang gak ada yang adil! gak ada hidup yang sempurna! temen gue ada yang bilang, setiap masalah itu negatif. tergantung lo mau ngeliat dari sudut pandang yang mana. (kalimat ini gue tujukan kepada seseorang *** ->) kalo lo sendiri emang berpikiran negatif, maka otomatis masalah itu akan menjadi negatif. setiap masalah itu muncul karna perbuatan kita sendiri. kadang masalah timbul untuk menguji kita. setiap kesalahan yang kita perbuat harus kita pelajari, agar tidak terulang lagi. kita sendiri juga harus berani mengungkapkan apa yang kita ingin katakan. kita harus berani bertindak. karna cepat atau lambat, masalah itu akan menjalar dan akan semakin menjadi-jadi. kalo dari diri kita sendiri belom bisa berubah, mana bisa masalah itu berubah?

gue juga sering sebel. sebel karna ortu gue terlalu sering nasehatin, terlalu sering marahin gue. tapi gue sadar. mereka sayang sama gue. mereka gak bakal kayak gitu kalo gak sayang sama gue. kalo mereka emang gak sayang, knapa gue masih bisa tinggal dirumah gue? knapa gue masih dibayarin sekolah? kalo emang gue gak disayang, dari dulu gue udah di buang sama keluarga gue.

kadang gue mau menang sendiri. gue gak mikirin orang lain. gue mau apa yang gue pengenin cepat terlaksana. gue semena-mena menyuruh sana-sini ngomong itu-ini tanpa mikirin perasaan orang tersebut. iya. gue tau gue KADANG suka egois. gue tau kok. dan gue yakin gue bisa BERUBAH.

(lagi-lagi, ini paragraf buat seseorang ***)
lo punya temen-temen yang baik dan care sama lo, lo punya keluarga, lo punya rumah dan fasilitas yang bisa dinikmati, dan lo bisa sekolah. lo harus sadar. semua ini ada karna orang" disekitar lo sayang sama lo. iya, gue akuin gue emang keras sama hal beginian. gue sering nasehatin lo. whether you like it or not! lo gak bisa mengontrol diri. lo itu masih sering bisa dikontrol sama orang lain. lo juga gak bisa satu masalah menguasai pikiran lo. lo juga harus TEGAS! gak boleh ada yang bisa ngatur" lo, gak ada yang boleh ngelarang lo buat ini-itu (kecuali hal itu hal yang negatif). jangan biarin masalah itu menang. kita disini ada buat lo. kalo ada yang mau lo bicarain, bilang aja. jangan cuma dipendam dalam hati. sejauh ini lo udah banyak berubah. tapi gue yakin lo masih bisa lebih dari ini. gue bangga sama lo.

ah udah ah capek gue nulis panjang".

P.S: paragraf paling bawah kebanyakan kata "lo"-nya. hahah.


Monday, August 17, 2009

DIY Project!

hello people of earth!

i have a whole bunch of unused fabric supplies. just in case i use them. lately i've been thinking of making somethings out of the 'whole bunch of unused fabric'. and i finally decided to make belts! i make them (DIY Belts) all by my myself of course! here's some pics!
the piles of unused fabric suppliesblack stretchy beltblack stretchy belt's friends
wait until my project is done will you?

and... i have another project to come! i'm going to redo my purple skinny jeans into a really cool purple bleached skinny jeans! hope it'll come out well! cross your fingers for luck everybody!!
in this picture, my purple skinny jeans looks like blue skinny jeans right?

i'm so sorry for the blurred pictures!

see ya next post!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looks and Addiction.

More looks to come! :D i really love this website! it makes you feel really happy once you finish a look. it seems that i'm kinda addicted to create more looks!

speaking of addicted, i gotta confess that i'm addicted to Facebook. :'( a day without opening facebook, it feels like that somethings missing. then when i open my facebook, i feel relieved, and the missing feeling that i told you before just vanished. although i know, that there will be no notification and all, i still open my Facebook! this type of addiction i'm having is draining all of my phone credits. then i started to open my facebook with my mom's phone just because my phone credits is all out!

i read in a couple of magazines that Facebook makes you addicted. i didn't really trust the article, but then I got really ADDICTED to Facebook. its not facebook's fault though! I tried to hold myself for opening facebook, but i couldn't! I started opening facebook again. now i'm
trying to get my hands off from opening facebook again. i hope my plan will go well. -_-,

P.S: please help me from being more and more addicted to facebook than now!


Lady Boss.

another new look I created! i would love if my (future) boss dress up like this. keliatan rada songong sih, tapi lets just pretend that my (future) boss is super kind. :) i wonder if i could wear this look someday if i'm going to work. emm, let me introduce you to MY favorite model! this is Athena/Minerva/Artemist (choose one! comment please!)

awalnya tadi mau post yang lain, eh taunya jadi pengen ngepost look baru. heheheh.
see ya next post people!


The New Website

hello everyone! good morning~~. i feel a little sleepy.

di posting sebelumnya gue udah nyeritain tentang yang padus menang juara dua. dan gue pengen lanjutin ceritanyaa, tapi males banget! jadi mendingan gue ceritain aja deh daripada pembaca gue kecewa! iya tidaaaaak?~~ iyaa. (pasti tau deh siapa! hahaha) sebenernya gue mau cerita yang lain, tapi gak enak abis udah terlanjur nulis ttg padus jadi yaa, harus ditunaikan! *aaaaaaaaaaaargh maleeeees*

tapi ah! ntar aja deeh.. (iya gue emang suka menunda pekerjaan. heheh). gue mau ngepost tentang website terbaru yang gue suka!

di website ini kita bisa nentuin siapa yang jadi model kita, backgroundnya apa, baju serta aksesoris lainnya!! seru banget deh! (bagi yang suka dress-up sih. Kayak gue misalkan) nah baru" ini, gue baru aja membuat suatu look. I hope i can post every look that i created! so, here it is!
pretty cool huh? I reaally love the pants and the brooch! i've been thinking of making my own brooch! oh yeah! i also love the Tatty Devine necklace! it's so cool. you should check the website out! it's pretty damn fun! you could be the stylist, the photographer, also the model all together.

it's a japanese website, so automatically the language they use is japanese. but it's ok! you could just switch into the english version. di website ini, you could dress up (lagi" dress-up) your own doll. you could make friends, sell items, buy items and many more! karna ini website jepang, jadi tentu aja gambarnya imut" banget! hahaha.

so that's it! oh! i almost forgot! jauh sebelum posting ini gue bilang mau ngeupload ankle brouge gue kan? bagus deh jadinya! heheh :) :) :)
don't forget to visit retail therapy! awesome shop!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 part 1

okeeeeeeeh knapa judulnya 2?? soaaaaaaaaaalnya gueeee.. hem. maksudnya NINETEEN CHOIR menang juara 2 buat lomba padus! WOOHOO!! seneeeng!! taun lalu kita dapat harapan 2 karna SIAPA YAAA??!! (baca: min**). yah pokoknya gitu deh! males gue nyeritainnya. -_-, trus trus sampe disindir gitu sama jurinya! iiiiiiih males bangeet guaaa.. abis ituu, kita diremehin sama beberapa orang gitu! iiiiiiih sebeeeeel. tapii MAKAN TUH JUARA! APE LU?! DAPET JUARA KAN KITAAAAA!!!!! hih! sebel. dan lo harus tau juara 1 nya siapa. hem.

tapi maklum sih soalnya mereka kan sering nyanyi di gereja jadi sering terlatih suaranya. makanya kita juga harus sering-sering nyanyi di masjid! hem.

anjrit sekalii... padahal tadi kita tuh optimis gitu bisa menang. eeeh eh taunya MEREKA *maaf kalo ada anak tarki yang ngeliat yaa..* baaaaaaaaaah tapi lumayaaaaan. kita latian cumen KURANG DARI SEMINGGU DOONG! yak gue ulang KURANG DARI SEMINGGU. hahaha hebat yaa! hahah. ah tidak sia-sia kita mendekkin rok, dateng pagi-pagi, makanin KENCUR tiap latian, dimarahin sama ailsa (candaaa), bolos pelajaran! ah tapi gimana ya? kan nineteen choir ntar maju buat tingkat DKI (yang lomba padus ini tingkat JakSel). nah itu bulan november lombanya. sedangkan ulangan bulan desember. mepet banget ya gak siih?? kalo anak klas 7 dan 8 doang kayaknya gak banget deeh! weeeeeeeeeek XP. padahal, anak Tarki latian 1 bulan loooooooh! hahah gila ya? haha. sumpah.

apa lagi yaaaaaaa??
apa keeeeeeeeeeek...

oke oke trus trus
gitu deeeeeeeeeh.

ah males nih gue cerita. ntar ya mau solaaat maghrib dulu (alesan). bye bye.

p.s: posting ini pendek banget ya. maklum blogger ini sangat capek untuk menulis (lagi-lagi, alesan)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fringe :)

so, on this post i'm gonna upload some pics i promised. i wore my souvenirs my sis bought for me when she went to Aussie! :) love my fringe boots!

FYI, atasan gw gambarnya ladybug loh! (kumbang)


Saturday, August 1, 2009



di posting ini gw mau ngasi tau. My Favorite Top 5 list:

1. Hoshigami Remix
2. Luminous Arc
3. Rune Factory
4. TWEWY - The World Ends With You
5. Professor Layton
(gw emang suka sama RPG. apalagi yang berantem! game yang bukan RPG gw gak tralu tertarik)

most comfortable house clothes (baju rumahan. gini buka sih bahasa inggris nya? heheh):
1. kaos bali warna ijo tosca
2. kaos bali warna ungu
3. daster tie-dye
4. boxer ijo kermit
5. boxer coklat lemon head

things to-do while i'm bored:
1. play my NDS
2. mengembangkan cerita gw yang sering banget terlantar-karna-tidak-terurus itu.
3. internetan
4. lay around on my parents bed
5. watch tv

bakal ngelanjutin kapan". gonna do some favors for GITA

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