Friday, July 31, 2009

Being Nostalgic

hey heeey!!

from this day, i will turn my blog to a blog that uses two kinds of languages! which is: Indonesian, and English. so just you know, i lived in America (New York to be specific) for 2 and a half years. i moved there because of my dad's job. so, i spent my 1st and 2nd grade (elementary school) there. being able to live in America was soo fun! the people are so nice, the city is clean, modern technology etc. it was like a whole different world! (in good way though)

the first couple days i spent was pretty awkward. i can't adjust my sleeping schedule (because of the difference of the time). so when it was evening i felt really sleepy. but when it's night time, i can't sleep! and then i went to school. the distance of my school to my house was reaaaaaaally close! it was only 2 blocks away.

also, the first time i felt snow. God! it was so amazing! but winter was very cold! (under 0 celcius). i would wear some t-shirts, and sweaters, and a reaally thick jacket. and then for the bottom, i would wear training pants (sweatpants), some pair of thick socks and a pair of shoes. but still, i'm shivering cold. but i got used to though! i also remembered, my family tried to built a snowman. but we can't do it! instead, we built a snowman (shape: unrecognized). we made angels on the snowy ground, and we throw snowballs at each other. some quite amazing memories right! (so glad i got a chance to feel it all).

Spring was very very beautiful. the flowers bloom all over the place, kids playing on the blocks, some really awesome discounts! haha.. i miss them all! :( i hope to go to america again some time! although,, summer was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hot! hotter than jakarta! but i like summer! on the summer season, you'll get a really long summer vacation. (some kids like to spend their summer vacation with summer camps). but me? i like to spend it with shopping and visiting museums and sites i never been to. oh yeah! have told i you before? america is so full of discounts!

when i got back here (indonesia). i totally forgot indonesian language. i kinda understand what people are saying, but i can't speak their language. but i finally understood and remembered it.



Anacchi said...

kenapa mesti pake bhs.inggris taaaaaaam?
ah kaga ngarti gua. (halah sebenernya ngerti sih)

Tamara Alasdair said...

suka suka gw! gw mau biar orang luar negeri juga bisa baca. begituu

Ishii aka. Biya said...


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